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Strategic Logistics

3PL - Third Party Logistic Provider

If customers are not all the same, our services can not be either. In today's world, FLEXIBILITY is the keyword to add value and expand business. Verus Tracto also offers customized solutions to customers who already have a consolidated network of suppliers and seek a competitive and strategic differential in their logistics operations.

We specialize in fully or partially managing the key elements of the supply chain of our customers by providing strategic logisticss solutions in operation, warehousing, transportation and distribution, which can be expanded and customized according to the requirements of each order.

Through our integrated services, which are delivered within a bonded area, your company will have significant gains in flexibility and capacity to grow logistics operations and inventory management, all without the need to open a branch overseas or have high Investment costs for the increase or deployment of own storage in your host country.

Our solutions allow a high level of configuration and the possibilities are multiple, you will be able to:

Expand your business boundaries and international opportunities.

Store your imported goods in our warehouse in Asia

Consolidate different types of products, from different regions and / or countries without the limitation of minimum quantities.

Fraction, manipulate and prepare products for sale in our warehouse.

Set up specific actions for any customer, supplier or product according to the specifications of each one.

Distribute your imported products to your export customers directly from Asia without the physical passage of products through Brazil.

Reduce your operational, logistical and tax costs.

Change the fixed costs of import or export to variable costs according to your expectation of sale.