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Strategic Sourcing

Our team, which has more than 10 years of experience in the Asian market, is totally dedicated to presenting a unique and exclusive proposal for each client according to their specific goals and demands. We offer a full service import of products from Asia: raw materials, machinery, supplies, industrial and consumer goods. Each industry, wholesale or retail project is treated in a unique and individual way, so we find the ideal product for each segment:

Price Survey and Supplier Selection
Development and Approval
Order Placement
Order Tracking
Inspection and Shipping

From the first contact with the business team we offer comprehensive advising through all stages of the supply chain: product research, pricing, supplier selection, development and approval, order placement, order monitoring, inspection and shipment, efficiently servicing All the technical requirements and also the specific legal requirements of certification and licensing. We have a vast network of registered suppliers and therefore we operate in the most diverse market niches:




Building Material

Household Goods


Our reliable, flexible, and agile consulting will enable you to:

Expand your business boundaries and international opportunities.
Import a wide variety of industrial or consumer products.
Negotiate and realize opportunities with manufacturers and international suppliers.
Develop special projects according to your needs and demands.

Approve the products in our test laboratory.
Inspect your merchandise during production and pre-shipment.
Receive the product you need with the best quality and price from a technical and operational point of view.
Increase the profitability and security of your business and the performance of your purchasing management area.

Prospecting Suppliers from the Asia

Product characteristics, technical specifications, target price, certificates required and the timeframe in which you need to receive your product.

Own Laboratory

With great expertise in the field of textiles and footwear we have our own laboratory to test footwear, textiles and raw materials.

Click here to see some videos from our laboratories. →

Consolidation of Loads

Through its our warehouse located in a customs area, we consolidate, physically and documentally, the cargoes of several suppliers, even from different countries, in the same shipment.

Factory Audit

Our inspectors visit the manufacturing plant of the chosen suppliers and do a complete physical and documentary analysis so that you are sure that the supplier is able to meet your needs fully. At that moment a series of questions are evaluated as: the suitability of the factory, its history, records, certifications, physical conditions, showroom, capacity of production among others. No order is placed without first checking all vendor approval items.

Customized and Full Time Business trip to China

If you want to visit China to know the offices, showrooms and factories of your suppliers, visit multi-sector fairs and have contact with the Chinese culture, Verus Tracto wants to be your right hand. We have a multicultural team that builds your entire script in a personalized way. You will have all the accompaniment from the choice of the airline, best travel period, hotel booking, transportation, meeting scheduling and visits to the main business fairs, as well as a full time follow up and subsequent sending of reports that you need.

If you do not want to invest time and money in tickets, hotels and transportation, but also do not want to stay out of the latest international fairs, we have the perfect solution for you. You choose the fair and the segment you want and we participate in the fair for you. One of our professionals specialized in the area you are looking for will send a complete report of the main news, catalogs and contacts of the segment you are looking for besides photos and videos of the main suppliers.